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Frequently Asked Questions


Here at 5D Studios quality is valued over quantity. 5D Studios is a private studio yet we do take walk-ins when we have the time to. To find out if we have time for walk-ins feel free to give us a call. We only do a certain amount of tattoos a year, so we only take up projects that are interesting to us and that we think we can do a great job at.  We are only trying to book 3 months out at a time, and sometimes the spots fill up quickly. We do apologize  if we don't get back to your message or email. Please don't take it personally; we get many emails and can't possibly get to everyone.  If you don't get a response, feel free to inquire again!   This is a professional business and we prefer correspondences to be professional and well thought out.  Here are some answers to the most common questions 5D Studios get:

What type of tattoos do you like doing?

 5D Studios specializes in ongoing large scale color and black/grey realism, surrealism, dark art and small 1 appointment illustrative tattoos.


We don't take on any ongoing tattoos from other artists.  That means that we don't finish or fix a tattoo if we didn't start it. 


We don't do coverups.


Our ideal client would come to us with no ideas in mind, just looking for piece of art and knows what part of body they want filled.

How far out are you booked?


We are currently booking appts til the summer of 2023.

How much do you charge?

Currently only looking to do large scale signature pieces.  For these pieces 5D Studios only does day rates.  Our rates vary depending on artist choice, size, placement, color selection.

Each artist at 5D Studios has their own day rate. Please inquire with your desired artist.


5D Studios requires a non-refundable deposit to hold the appointment date, which is payable through PayPal or Cash app.

Deposits,Design Fees& Payments

Deposit is for tattoo appointment only, for the piece agreed upon, on the area of the body agreed upon, is completely non-refundable. Deposits are to cover the artists time for design and to reserve your appointment time. Deposits and Design Fees are payable by Paypal or Cashapp or Cash.  Some Artist have design fees which is an extra cost and some take deposits where it is included it total cost. Please check with your desired artist to see witch method you will be using. Prepaying for appointments Cash will not be allowed. ONLY CASH will be accepted on the day of your appointment for any tattoo, aftercare or merchandise payment.

In a case where any 5D Studios artist is  unable to fulfill my appointment obligation with you due to extenuating circumstances, with the desired artist such as, but not limited to, sickness and travel delays, 5D Studios will reschedule your appointment for a later date or a full refund will be given within 45 days of your scheduled appointment. In order to remain fair to those who are already on the waitlist, any major area/design/concept change will result in a forfeit of deposit at which time a new deposit will be required within 48 hours to hold any future appointments and to keep from being added back onto the waitlist.

Cancelations/Reschedules/No Show

If you need to reschedule or cancel, 5D Studios will require two (2) weeks notice to transfer deposit otherwise deposit will be forfeited, and a new deposit will be required within 48 hours to prevent cancelation of future appointments if any are scheduled. If you no show (do not call or show up for an appointment) the same will apply. Special considerations will be given for pregnancy and extended illness. In order to remain fair to those who are already on the waitlist, consecutive cancelations, reschedules, or now shows will result in forfeit of deposit, cancelation of future appointments and being added back to the wait list.

Multiple Ongoing Appointments

5D Studios strongly advise booking multiple sessions in advance as lapsing outside of a year between sessions will cause you to lose priority and may ultimately result in a lapse in coherence with the direction of your tattoo.

Most of the finished pieces you see on Instagram and Facebook (not including Sleeves, full back pieces etc.) are full 2 day sessions. Full sleeves can take 6-12 depending on many variables.

When will my order be shipped?

We know you're excited about your new purchase.

For standard in stock orders, we strive to have these dispatched within 7days of your order being placed and paid for.

We will send you shipping details once a tracking number has been assigned to the order and let you know what items have left the warehouse.

If you do not receive your products within 21 days or have any issues with your order please email us at

Tag us in your photos @5dstudios #5dstudiosmn #5dtv 

We thank you for your patience on orders that are out of stock we are working hard to get them back in. Please check back at a later time. 

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