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5D Music Collective is not just a production company; it is an underground movement in the heart of Minnesota. Merging with their head company 5D Studios. The Collective is composed of like-minded individuals who are committed to working with innovative artists across the nation and beyond.

5D Music Collective is a platform to showcase and promote the underground music and arts for those who share a similar perspective of the music scene. Their passion for the music and art that they were promoting led them to host low-key events at their secret location in Minneapolis, which featured emerging artists and creatives. 5D is dedicated to maintaining the highest standard of quality coupled with a deep appreciation for bass music in all their live events.

5D Music Collective is known for their exceptional ability to find, host and help a wide range of talented underground musicians. They work hard to ensure the most beneficial and flawless deals for the artists, creating new opportunities to bring music directly to new fans through cross marketing with their head company. 

As a Minnesota's first of it’s kind arts and musical curator, 5D Music Collective is dedicated to creating new opportunities for artists to succeed and fans to experience innovative sounds.Through a series of unforgettable performances, 5D Music Collective has expanded its online and offline presence in addition to their team-curated After Hours nights. As their popularity has grown, 5D Music Collective has even branched out into creating their own line of merchandise, reflecting their commitment to supporting the underground music and art scene.

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